The war of the godsEdit

Many years before the great war of Jericho, the prophet Sydicas Umber spread the word of Mianite to the people of Ice Watch (snow biome). At first, many off the wise men around the land shun umber's claims, and spoke strongly against them, they still worshiped Rak'dul god of Ice and fire, but after some time many people started worshiping Mianite, those few followers were told about the wonders of Mantite, they were also told that if they were good when they died they would go to Heter, a land of ever lasting glory, ruled by Mianite himself, but if they were bad they would go to the Nether were they would live as pigmen this land was ruled by dianite an evil twisted god. but if you lived an okay life not good or bad you would be sent to the endand live as an ender man for all of time.

Soon the priests of Rak'dul heard of this and attaked the worshipres of Mianite leading to the war of the gods this war lasted from 130-BSJ to 146-BSJ, in wich 7 000 000 people died antil the day Light in witch Mianite himself appeard a struck down Rak'dul worshipers and for ever cementing his glory as Lord of all. All kingdoms united under the holy name of Mianite, ushering in a new golden age of magic and glory.

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