Dianite is the Devil-like deity in the world of Mianite. He has a demonic

Lord Dianite

Gender Male
Family Mianite Brother

Ianite Sister

look to him. His skin is as a sickening red, he has a large gaping mouth, two white horns that adorn his head and strange black skin that covers his shoulders and elbows (which appears to be burnt, possibly from a battle between him and Lord Mianite). He has hoof like feet and a strange kilt like rag tied around his waist. Which is held up by a belt with a shining golden clasp. He also has strange black bands around each of his wrists. He has divine powers just like the lord of the over world Mianite. Dianite used to reside in the Nether in a nether brick temple named after himself until killed by his own follower on demand.