Lord Mianite

Gender Male
Nicknames Lord Mianite , Mianite
Family Dianite Brother

Ianite Sister

Lord Mianite is the lord over the world of Mianite, who wields divine power, similar to his brother Dianite. From his actions so far, we know that he has a protective nature over his priest, CommunityMC, as he smites Tom for killing him. Lord Mianite has white hair which goes down to his shoulders, along with leaves in the front of his hair. His face has a short white beard and glowing white eyes. He wears a white robe which covers half of his chest and back, it also covers his legs in a sort of kilt. He wears golden bands around his wrists, a golden belt, and a golden badge on his robe. He is considered the "good" god of Mianite.